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What We Move

We offer the best no-cost move package anywhere!

Submitting a move request:
Any move request is scheduled by time submitted so the sooner you have submitted a move request the better chance you have of getting your preferred date and time.

Your move request is done by you online and your apartment locator will instruct you on the process once your paperwork with the property is complete.

Please do not delay in your move request as there is no guarantee of availability for moves on any given day or time.

As soon as you have completed your online move request one of our professional move coordinators will call you directly to confirm your move date and time that can be accomidated, go over your move request with you, and answer any questions you have in regard to your move. So you will know what your move entails.

Don't qualify for a no-cost move package:
If you do not meet the requirements for the no-cost move package then we offer a discounted price move option.
We offer a move credit that we pay to the move company, which is contracted, and you pay the difference of the balance due directly to the move company for the move.
The move is a time based set up and again additional charges past the amount we cover in the credit are your responsibility.

Unloading or loading of your own truck:
If you are using your own truck to move, in case your moving from out of the covered area, we do offer an unload. The unload credit will cover one and a half hours of unload time. Any move time past the one and a half hours will be your responsibility.

These are listings of what is included in your move and what the movers take:
Your living room areas, your dining room area, and your bedroom areas. Make sure there are no items left in any drawers or shelves as they will not be moved otherwise. We do insure items and use appropriate material to cover your furniture for protection.

  • Items moved include your Pictures, Glass tops, and Speakers.
  • Items moved include your vacuum cleaner, mirror, and high chair.
  • Items moved include your love Seats, couches, and recliners but will not move any of them that have a sleeper and mattress.
  • Items moved include your crib and water bed but you have to take them apart yourself and move your water contaiment shield on your own.
  • Items moved include your aquarium as long as it is under twenty gallons, bicycles, and additional chairs.
  • Items moved include your rugs, foot and head board, pier and bridge headboard, and mattress sets.
  • Items moved include a cedar chest, chester drawers, bar stools, and television stands or holders.
  • Items moved include your lamps, bakers racks, night stands, and dressers.
  • Items moved include up to twenty five boxes on a 1 bedroom apartment up to seventy five pounds each. Extra boxes will cost two dollars per box or four dollars per box if over seventy five pounds.
  • Items moved include up to forty boxes on a 2 bedroom apartment up to seventy five pounds each. Extra boxes will cost two dollars per box or four dollars per box if over seventy five pounds.
  • Items moved include up to fifty boxes on a 3 bedroom apartment up to seventy five pounds each. Extra boxes will cost two dollars per box or four dollars per box if over seventy five pounds.
  • Items moved include your computer desk, coffee talbes, and end tables.
  • Items moved include your two, three, four drawer cabintes, and curio cabinet that is under two feet in width.

Boxes and handling move:
Before your move date make sure you have signed your rental lease agreement and have keys in hand. You will have a two hour window from which your move will start. Any wait time by the movers will cost you fifty dollers per hour so make sure you are present when they arrive and at your new address. Everything must be able to be safely moved by no more than two persons, with the exception of boxes which should require no more than one person to move. Please make sure your packed up and ready for the movers. You should have everything boxed appropriately and furnishings disassembled and ready to go. The move is limited to the Dallas and Fort Worth metro area and there is a extended mile charge, one dollar for each mile both ways. There is a fuel surcharge for all moves that exceed thirteen miles between your move origin location to your move destination location. The fuel surcharge will be two dollars and fify cents per mile over thirteen miles. The move coordinator will confirm the distance with you and if charges apply you can decline the move and take the rebate. Any load or unload that is more than seventy five feet from your apartment unit to the moving vehicle cost twenty five dollars for each additional sets of seventy five feet. Make any change to your move request a full day before your scheduled move request or incur a fifty dollar change fee. The movers can go to multiple locations but will charge thirty dollars for each extra stop. They will also charge twenty five for any load and or unload where your apartment unit is on the third floor or higher.

Itmes that are not included in the no cost move package:
Sometimes you may have things that are not included in our no-cost move package and if so here are the rates for those and .

  • Furnishings exceeding two hundred and fifty pounds will have a charge of fifty dollars to move.
  • Larger items will cost twenty five dollaors to move like a large screen television, which Trinitrons cannot be moved, entertainment center, freezer, weights, health equipment, armoires, and refrigerators.
  • There is a fifteen dollar charge for China Cabinet(s) that are more than twenty four inches in width.
  • If you have special itmes like a grand father clock it is twenty dollars and you must take out the pendulum prior to the move.
  • Any type of recliner of hidden sleeper incurs a twenty five dollar charge.
  • There is a fifteen dollar charge for large barbeque grills and a five dollar charge for smaller ones.
  • If you have your own washer and dryer units the movers will charge eighteen to move them but will also disconnect the hoses then reconnect them at your new home.
  • Larger items will cost twenty five dollars to move like a large screen television, entertainment center, freezer, weights, health equipment, armoires, and refrigerators. As stated ealier twenty gallon aquariums are moved at no cost but any over will charge based on size.

There could be items you have that were not mentioned above and if so please contact your apartment locator at 214-432-4168 to confirm with the move manager for costs.

We encourage you to take the time and review our competitors' free move offers. UMoveFree takes pride in offering the most inclusive free move offer in the industry--GUARANTEED!

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